Why Donate?

Every child deserves to grow up in a nurturing, loving, happy home. Success House
was founded to give pre-school aged children an opportunity to grow up in a home
safe from drug and alcohol abuse and an opportunity to succeed in reaching their fullest

You can protect children in our area from the risk of abuse or neglect inherent in
growing up in a home overwhelmed by substance addiction. You can help give the
youngest children in our area a healthy start before they turn 5 years old. You can
help the most vulnerable of us achieve permanency while also preserving the family

We need your help to build our facility. Success House will house up to 50 women
and 150 children and provide direct services to those populations of women who have
open cases with the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS)/Children’s
Protective Services (CPS); who are women veterans; who are on probation or parole;
and/or who are homeless; and, most importantly, who also have pre-school aged
children that they would be separated from if they were required to participate in or
had an opportunity to attend a traditional in-patient treatment program. Mothers from
this county and surrounding counties will have access to this unique in-patient
residential treatment program while up to three (3) of their 0–4-year-old children will
remain with them on-site with opportunities for education as well as medical and
psychological care in a compassionate, structured environment.

Our goal is $500,000 towards the purchase of a four-acre tract of land and to assist
with the construction costs of the proposed 58,000 sq. ft. facility designed by world-renown architectural design firm Perkins & Will, whose staff has graciously donated
their time and services through its “Socially Responsible Initiative.”

With your donation, we will be able to provide “a road to recovery” for mothers who are
seeking sobriety from drugs and alcohol so that they can raise their children in a safe
and stable home.

Your support is key to reaching our goal. Would you consider donating $50 or more,
or whatever you can, to help us achieve our mission? Together, we can ensure better futures for the children in our area. Together we can assure mothers that “the keys to success are right around the corner!”

Image by Katt Yukawa